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Post Week 3 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Michigan State - USC fell to Stanford on Saturday and I think this could be a sign of things to come. USC still has Oregon and Notre Dame and I think they could lose both of them leaving them with 9 wins. I think Stanford could make it out of Pac-12 with only two losses and they would secure a bid to the Rose Bowl. Josh Nunes was impressive in the win against USC but I was even more impressed by Stepfan Taylor. He was the heart and soul of the team in their big win They would be an At-Large team but the Rose Bowl is known to still keep tradition when picking a team. For the Big Ten, no one has been impressive thus far. The one team that has impressed people, they cannot even go to a bowl game. Someone has to win the Big Ten and I think Michigan State's defense is just too good and they should carry them through the season. I think Andrew Maxwell turns it around after a couple easy games against the bottom feeders in the Big Ten.

Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma vs Clemson - Oklahoma was not very impressive in their first game against UTEP but I think it was a fluke. Landry Jones has a strong arm and is going to help lead this team to a Big 12 Championship this year. Damien Williams has already rushed for 5 touchdowns in only 2 games. Jones will continue to improve throughout the year and this team should look like a legit contender when the season comes to an end. Clemson has a fairly easy schedule this year. They only have two ranked teams on their schedule right now. If they beat either Florida State or South Carolina, they could find themselves in the BCS once again. Sammy Watkins is back and he is going to be trouble for defenders all season long. This team could go 11-1 in the regular season and it would not surprise me one bit.

Sugar Bowl - LSU vs West Virginia - I think this is a matchup that everyone would love to see. They played last year and LSU won but I think this game could be one of the most interesting games of the bowl season. LSU once against has a stout defense. Les Miles just reloads on defense. There is no question that these guys should be in the conversation for the National Championship, although, I think they are going to lose to Alabama and that's why they are in the Sugar Bowl. I would love to see Geno Smith matchup against this defense though. So far he has been one of the most outstanding quarterbacks of the year. He hasn't played any real tough competition, but when I think he does, he will not have a problem against them. This would be a very intriguing matchup. 

Orange Bowl - Louisville vs Florida State - Someone has to win the Big East right? Louisville barely got by North Carolina on Saturday. Teddy Bridgewater looks to have a very good future as the quarterback at Louisville. I think Louisville will slip up in a couple games but they are still good enough to win the Big East. Louisville should watch out for Pitt if they play like they did against Virginia Tech because that could be a trap game for them. I think USF is the only team that could challenge them for the Big East title. Florida State could potentially go undefeated this year. They have looked nothing short of amazing. EJ Manuel is a sleeper for the Heisman. I really like this Florida State team but they will need to convince the voters they should be in the National Championship game. If they go undefeated, they have my vote.

National Championship Game - Alabama vs Oregon - Who isn't predicting this right now? Alabama has been so dominant that if you are picking against them right now, you are out of your mind. They just put 50 up on Arkansas and shut them out in their own stadium. I know Tyler Wilson wasn't there but still. Their offense is good but I don't think it is great. It is above par in my opinion. Now a team that has an explosive offense is Oregon. They can put points up on you in a hurry. I do not think there is a defense in the Pac-12 that is going to be able to stop them. I would say Stanford is the only team that might have a chance, only because they will try and hold the ball as long as possible to keep it away from Oregon. I still think Oregon goes undefeated. 

And there are my predictions. Tell me what you think. 

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Post Week 1 BCS Predictions

Granted we still have a few games left, I still do not think they will change my predictions of what the BCS games will be this January.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs USC

These two teams were dominant in their wins yesterday. Alabama dismantled a Michigan team that was supposed to have an explosive offense. They were missing their star running back Fitzgerald Toussaint but it probably would not have changed the outcome. Alabama may have lost four great defenders, but they do not seem to be missed right now. USC may have the most powerful offense in the NCAA. They showed that by scoring on their first play of the season. Matt Barkley will be on everyone's radar all season.

Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs Oregon

Michigan State did not play the best against Boise State but LeVeon Bell sure seemed to carry the load. He carried the ball 44 times for over 200 yards and over one defender. Wisconsin just snuck by Northern Iowa, Denard Robinson looked awful, and no other team in the Big Ten seemed impressive. I think over time Andrew Maxwell will settle in and become a consistent quarterback. For Oregon, I think the only game that they will lose to, is to USC. De'Anthony Thomas will lead this team to another Rose Bowl.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs Louisville

LSU has a defense that can carry them through the SEC schedule and an offense good enough to beat most of them. Their offense is not a top 10 offense but it is one that will be good enough. The Big East really does not have a clear favorite. As of right now, it is Louisville. Pitt lost to Youngstown State and every other team in the Big East is mediocre at best. I think that Teddy Bridgewater can lead this team to the Sugar Bowl. 

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs Virginia Tech 

Both of these teams should win their conferences and they are both lead by their Heisman trophy candidates. Landry Jones should be able to get his team 10 wins this season without much of a problem. His toughest games will be against Texas, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia. For Virgnia Tech, Logan Thomas has the chance to take this team far this season. Watch for Virginia Tech to make a potenial championship run this season.

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs West Virginia

Two teams that are going to get so close at winning their conference but fall just short. West Virginia will lose to Oklahoma so they will not win the Big 12. They would have to be happy with this start in a new conference though. Geno Smith will lead this team to one of the their best seasons in recent history. Florida State will likely make the ACC Championship game but lose there. EJ Manuel should do well enough to get them into the Orange Bowl though. They could be very dominant.
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2012 BCS Predictions 11/1

Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs Oregon - I see Oregon beating Stanford in a close game. It is really a toss up in my mind though. I think Oregon will come out of the Pac 12 as the winner and they will get the automatic spot in the BCS. Nebraska is a shot in the dark. Wisconsin has 2 losses in the Big Ten. Ohio State has 2 loses. Penn State has 1 but still has to play Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Illinois has 2. I think Nebraska will emerge from the dust at the winner.

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs Stanford - This would be subject to change depending on who wins the big matchup this weekend. Whoever loses will end up in this game in my opinion. The Sugar Bowl also gets an At-Large bid and I think they would like to bring Stanford into this game. This would be a very interesting matchup because LSU has one of the best defenses matched up against one of the best QBs in college football.

Orange Bowl: West Virginia vs Virginia Tech - The Big East is falling apart and guess what? Everyone still sucks. West Virginia always seems to be able to pull out some late games and win the conference. I'm not picking against them. I know Clemson is winning the conference but I have picked against Beamer before and I was wrong, so I don't pick against Virginia Tech anymore. They always fly under the radar and they are doing so again.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs Oklahoma - Wouldn't the Fiesta Bowl love to get this rematch? Boise State will probably go undefeated and once again, get shut out of the National Championship. Oklahoma has looked good for most of the year and more than likely they will once again end up in a BCS game.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs Oklahoma State - If Alabama wins this weekend then more than likely they should end up in the National Championship game. They have played the normal Nick Saban Alabama way. Running the ball and defense. Oklahoma State is the exact opposite. Oklahoma State has the potential to score 35 points in the matter of 4 minutes. If this game happened we would see one of the most explosive offenses against one of the best defenses. It would be an exciting game for sure.
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Pre week 9 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs Oklahoma - Michigan State looks to be in control of the Big Ten. They control their own destiny. While I don't think they will go undefeated, I believe they will win the Big Ten. I believe they will lose to Iowa but they will still win the Big Ten and make the Rose Bowl. Oklahoma lost to Missouri last week but that doesn't mean they can't get an At-Large bid or even win the Big 12. I think the Rose Bowl takes them with an At-Large bid and we could be looking at a very good game in the Rose Bowl.

Orange Bowl: Syracuse vs Miami (FL) - How messed up is this? This is like matching up Kimbo Slice vs that nerdy kid in your high school class. Syracuse is 5-2 right now and 2-1 in the conference. They trail Pitt who is 2-0 in the conference but Pitt has been inconsistant this season. Miami is slowly coming back this season after a bad start. I believe they will come back and win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl this season.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Boise State - Alabama is still a very good team. I feel they are flying under the radar for the moment since the #1 has fallen 3 weeks in a row. They can still contend for a National Championship but for the moment they are a good choice for an At-Large bid for the Sugar Bowl. Boise State, guess what? Still not National Championship game. Doesn't that just suck? You can play Alabama though and show the nation you can contend with them though.

Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs Utah - How did Missouri beat Oklahoma last week? I am not sure but they won the Fiesta Bowl. Now they are my pick to win the Big 12. They play Nebraska and they have to play the winner of the Big 12 South, which is currently lead by Baylor, yes Baylor. I am still firmly believing that Utah is going to beat TCU. Many think I am crazy, and maybe I am, but I am calling the upset that the Utes are going to beat the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian.

National Championship: Auburn vs Oregon - This didn't change from last week. Auburn and Oregon are still my picks to play for the National Championship game this year. Auburn and Cam Newton have been unstoppable and Oregon can litterally not be stopped. They have an explosive offense and this game would for sure be a shootout.
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Pre Week 8 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs Nebraska - Michigan State is probably one team that no one expected to be 7-0 at this point. The rest of their season is fairly easy but I believe they slip up somewhere but still get an 11-1 record, good enough to put them in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1966. Nebraska's hope for an undefeated season where smashed when Texas showed them up. They don't win the Big 12 in my book though, but an At-Large bid is still good enough.

Orange Bowl: West Virgina vs Miami(FL) - West Virginia is still the only team in the Big East that is even any good. They have no competition and should win the conference easily. Miami is working on coming back this season. Jacory Harris is going to need to play a lot better than he has been the past few weeks though. They might be back in the top 25 this week. The ACC is still wide open and could change next week and probably will. Who knows, maybe Virginia Tech gets back in the BCS.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Utah - I am still sticking with this. Alabama is a very good team and I think they may lose 1 more game. They are a very balanced team and Mark Ingram alone is a diffference maker. Like I have been saying, I am calling Utah to beat TCU and go undefeated. TCU has Air Force in two weeks then the big show down with TCU. I'm calling it, Utah over TCU.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs Oklahoma - Boise, again, you are not going to the National Championship game. Try again next week. You are a very balanced team but your schedule is what is killing you. If you would be playing in the MWC this year then I would have no problem putting you in the National Championship, but you aren't. Oklahoma plays Missouri this week and they seem to be the front runner to win the Big 12 at this point. They may have to play Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game, but other than that, Oklahoma State is the only big game left this season for them.

BCS National Championship Game: Oregon vs Auburn - Oregon has not shown much of a weakness all season. There is nothing that has shown me that they are going to be beat this season. LaMicheal James has been incredible and he seems impossible to stop. Auburn who is led by Cam Newton just won a shootout vs Arkansas. They have a big game vs LSU next week and the last week of the season vs Alabama. They should win their other games without a problem. We shall see how things turn out in the coming weeks.
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Pre Week 7 Heisman Status

1. Denard Robinson QB/Michigan - While he struggled last game against Michigan State throwing 3 interceptions, he is still averaging more than 360 all-purpose yards per game. He has led Michigan to a 5-1 record this season. He leads the nation in rushing yards with 991 yards. Robinson also has 9 rushing touchdowns and 8 passing touchdowns. If he can keep up these statistics and lead Michigan to a good season, he will without a doubt be the Heisman winner, but he has to go back to how he was playing before the Michigan State game.

2. Kellen Moore QB/Boise State - If he can lead his team to an undefeated season, he will be a contender for the Heisman. He has to get them to a perfect season though. This would make it their second straight undefeated season. Moore has already thrown for 14 touchdowns and 1,336 yards passing. He has only thrown 1 interception too. Boise does not have many tough games left, the main one being against Nevada. If Boise goes undefeated, Moore will get a lot of consideration.

3. LaMicheal James RB/Oregon - While he missed the first game of the season, he has already racked up 848 yards through the ground. He also has 9 touchdowns thus far. In Oregon's key matchup against Stanford, James had 247 yards on 31 carries and 3 touchdowns. James should surpass 1,500 yards this season and he will be a key part to Oregon's season and helping them try and go undefeated this season.

4. Terrelle Pryor QB/Ohio State - Pryor did not have a great game against Illinois or he may be higher then he is right now. Pryor is going to have to prove he is a Heisman contender and he can start this weekend against Wisconsin. If he struggles in any of his big games left, it will be tough for him to win the Heisman with the other candidates that are out there. Terrelle Pryor has thrown for 1,349 yards and 15 touchdowns thus far, and rushed for another 3.

5. Cam Newton QB/Auburn - When was the last time Auburn was 6-0? When they were shut out of the National Championship game and went 13-0. Well Cam Newton has them there again. He is a former QB for the University of Florida, then Blinn College and now Auburn. Newton has thrown for 1,138 yards and 12 touchdowns so far. He has already rushed for 672 yards and 9 touchdowns. He will need to improve his passing to win the Heisman this year though.

Watch list:
Taylor Martinez QB/Nebraska
Andrew Luck QB/Stanford
Kendell Hunter RB/Oklahoma State
Justin Blackmon WR/Oklahoma State
Ryan Mallett QB/Arkansas
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Post Week 6 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs Stanford - Ohio State looks tough but with a game vs Wisconsin coming up this week it will be the first true test. I think they lose 1 game along the line but still win the Big Ten. Stanford makes it into the Rose Bowl as an At-Large bid seeing as I believe they will finish they year with 1 or 2 loses this season.

Orange Bowl: West Virginia vs Michigan State - Yes this sounds messed up. Yes I said Michigan State, not Michigan. Am I losing it? I might be. The Big East has no clear leader right now seeing as Syracuse is in front right now with a 4-1 record. West Virginia is clearly the best team in this conference but will they play like it? Michigan State might have their year this year. They are playing well and have made it through the tough part of their schdule. They also don't play Ohio State. The only really tough game for them left is at Iowa in a few weeks. If they make it through that, they could possibly go undefeated.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Utah - A rematch of a few years ago. I know this is Utah, I think they will beat TCU when they play them this seaosn and Utah goes undefeated. Utah has shown they can play with the big boys and now they are on their way to the Pac 10. Alabama with 1 loss is probably the best 1 loss team in the nation. I would still pick them to beat almost any team in the country.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs Nebraska - Boise, your still getting shut out. You didn't prove me anything this year. You showed me you can beat Oregon State whose 3-2 and that you can beat a team that James Madison can too. Either way, your starting rank gets you close to a National Championship game. Too bad you don't play in a good conference. Nebraska is my pick to win the Big 12. They have been dominant in almost all of their games and Taylor Martinez has looked very good all season.

BCS National Championship Game: Oregon vs Auburn - I know this is a bold prediction and I am not sure what has been going through my mind. Oregon is a legit contender this season. They will probably win the Pac 10 and could very well go undefeated. Auburn has been very good, but they have a few big games left. If they beat Arkansas, LSU, and Alabama, they deserve to go to the National Championship game but a lot can change between now and then.

Thoughts and Comments?
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Pre Week 5 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Iowa vs Oregon - Iowa has a few tough games left against Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State. They will probably win 1 or 2 of them. The Rose Bowl commitee will probably take them because they like to stick with Big 10 teams. Oregon looks really good but I think they will slip up somewhere to Stanford, USC, UCLA, Oregon State, Cal etc. so they won't be a National Championship team. Instead they return to the Rose Bowl to take on the Hawkeyes.

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs Utah - Surprise! I think Arkansas has a great team and they will continue to learn and grow as a team. Bobby Petrino has a great QB in Ryan Mallet and I think he leads them to a 10-2 or 11-1 record this year. Utah beats TCU this year and goes undefeated. They return to the BCS for the third time to take on the Razorbacks. Utah does not have one stand out player, if you look at the statistics, they play multiple people and it seems like half the team touches the ball in one game. There is my bold prediction for the day.

Orange Bowl: Miami(FL) vs Stanford - The ACC does not have a clear leader for the moment. Miami clearly has the best team available. (North Carolina still has half their defense suspended) Jacory Harris will probably get in a grove towards the end of the season and help his team win an ACC championship. Stanford is led by Andrew Luck. They seem to be almost flying under the radar, except for the game today vs Oregon. If they win today they will be the front runner for the Pac 10 but I think they finish behind Oregon but still in the top 10 for the season.

Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs Boise State - Led by Taylor Martinez, the Corn Huskers will be a force in the Big 12 this season. The Big 10 will get to deal with them next season. Nebraska will probably lose 1 or 2 games but enough to still win the Big 12 North, seeing as they do not have much competition in the North. Then they will win the Big 12 Championship. Boise, you're of luck again. You go undefeated but you still finish 3rd. Good thing you are switching conferences.

National Championship Game: Alabama vs Ohio State - Probably the two best teams in the country. Mark Ingram vs Terrelle Pryor. This is a game of two of the greatest programs in history. Two teams that play the same style of offense. Alabama has a tough schedule left but if they can make it through the next few games, it should be easy the rest of the games. Ohio State has their last 3 games to make it through and Wisconsin next week.

This is mid season predictions. Look for new predictions in 2 weeks, for updated opinions.
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