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Post Week 3 BCS Predictions

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Michigan State - USC fell to Stanford on Saturday and I think this could be a sign of things to come. USC still has Oregon and Notre Dame and I think they could lose both of them leaving them with 9 wins. I think Stanford could make it out of Pac-12 with only two losses and they would secure a bid to the Rose Bowl. Josh Nunes was impressive in the win against USC but I was even more impressed by Stepfan Taylor. He was the heart and soul of the team in their big win They would be an At-Large team but the Rose Bowl is known to still keep tradition when picking a team. For the Big Ten, no one has been impressive thus far. The one team that has impressed people, they cannot even go to a bowl game. Someone has to win the Big Ten and I think Michigan State's defense is just too good and they should carry them through the season. I think Andrew Maxwell turns it around after a couple easy games against the bottom feeders in the Big Ten.

Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma vs Clemson - Oklahoma was not very impressive in their first game against UTEP but I think it was a fluke. Landry Jones has a strong arm and is going to help lead this team to a Big 12 Championship this year. Damien Williams has already rushed for 5 touchdowns in only 2 games. Jones will continue to improve throughout the year and this team should look like a legit contender when the season comes to an end. Clemson has a fairly easy schedule this year. They only have two ranked teams on their schedule right now. If they beat either Florida State or South Carolina, they could find themselves in the BCS once again. Sammy Watkins is back and he is going to be trouble for defenders all season long. This team could go 11-1 in the regular season and it would not surprise me one bit.

Sugar Bowl - LSU vs West Virginia - I think this is a matchup that everyone would love to see. They played last year and LSU won but I think this game could be one of the most interesting games of the bowl season. LSU once against has a stout defense. Les Miles just reloads on defense. There is no question that these guys should be in the conversation for the National Championship, although, I think they are going to lose to Alabama and that's why they are in the Sugar Bowl. I would love to see Geno Smith matchup against this defense though. So far he has been one of the most outstanding quarterbacks of the year. He hasn't played any real tough competition, but when I think he does, he will not have a problem against them. This would be a very intriguing matchup. 

Orange Bowl - Louisville vs Florida State - Someone has to win the Big East right? Louisville barely got by North Carolina on Saturday. Teddy Bridgewater looks to have a very good future as the quarterback at Louisville. I think Louisville will slip up in a couple games but they are still good enough to win the Big East. Louisville should watch out for Pitt if they play like they did against Virginia Tech because that could be a trap game for them. I think USF is the only team that could challenge them for the Big East title. Florida State could potentially go undefeated this year. They have looked nothing short of amazing. EJ Manuel is a sleeper for the Heisman. I really like this Florida State team but they will need to convince the voters they should be in the National Championship game. If they go undefeated, they have my vote.

National Championship Game - Alabama vs Oregon - Who isn't predicting this right now? Alabama has been so dominant that if you are picking against them right now, you are out of your mind. They just put 50 up on Arkansas and shut them out in their own stadium. I know Tyler Wilson wasn't there but still. Their offense is good but I don't think it is great. It is above par in my opinion. Now a team that has an explosive offense is Oregon. They can put points up on you in a hurry. I do not think there is a defense in the Pac-12 that is going to be able to stop them. I would say Stanford is the only team that might have a chance, only because they will try and hold the ball as long as possible to keep it away from Oregon. I still think Oregon goes undefeated. 

And there are my predictions. Tell me what you think. 

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