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Posted on: November 2, 2009 5:41 pm

Week 10 Predictions

#1 Florida vs Vanderbilt - Okay, really? Do I have to go into detail. Florida SHOULD win this game pretty easily with out much trouble and Tebow should have a big day. Florida 45-7

#2 Texas vs UCF - UCF has no chance. Easily said. Colt McCoy has a big day and the backups eventually come in, probably in the second half because Texas is up by so much. Texas 49-6

#3 Alabama vs #9 LSU - A very good game. LSU's season depends on this game so they can go to the SEC championship game. Alabama is the only team in there way. Jordan Jefferson has a big day, BUT Mark Engram has a bigger day. Alabama wins. Alabama 27-20

#4 Cincinnati vs Conneticut - UCONN is still not playing well since the loss of one of their players and Tony Pike is practicing so I am going to have to go with Cincinnati but watch out. Close. 10 points or less. Cincinnati 31-21

#5 Boise State at Louisiana Tech - Boise State wins. It is the WAC. Boise is the only good team this year and possibly Fresno but they beat them already. Boise wins big. Boise 56-7

#6 TCU at San Diego State - TCU wins in a blowout. It will be by atleast 30 points. TCU is my pick to go to a BCS game. TCU 42-10

#7 Oregon at Stanford -  Watch out Oregon. Stanford has Tony Gerhart and after such and emotional win, this could be a trap game for Oregon. Very Close. Comes down to the 4th quarter but Oregon pulls it out. Oregon 31-27

#8 Iowa vs Northwestern - Iowa is going to give there coach a heart attack this year. Knowing them, Northwestern keeps it close in the first half but Iowa pulls of some magic and wins again. Iowa 42-31

#10 Georgia Tech vs Wake Forest - Wake Forest got unluckly last week and unfortunantly they aren't going to have any luck this week either. Georgia Tech wins 35-10

#12 USC at Arizona State - USC is angry this week and puts on an offensive show case. Not even close. Arizona State is like a punching bag this week. USC 52-10

#13 Houston at Tulsa - Houston doesn't pull of a late win this week.... They just win by putting up a ton of points. Tulsa, your going to lose. Houston 56-35

#14 Pittsburg at Syracuse - Pitt has been playing well and it doesn't stop here. Greg Paulus puts up a fight but not for long. Pitt win 32-17

#15 Ohio State at #11 Penn State - I think this will be the best game. This is a toss up. I think Ohio State comes into this game with a chip on there should and play with a ton of intensity. Penn State has to win this game to even have a chance at a Rose Bowl birth. Ohio State 24-20

#16 Miami (FL) vs Virgainia - Miami, you won't have to convert a 4 &16. you win 35-7. No need to worry about a late comeback from Jacory Harris.

#17 Utah vs New Mexico - New Mexico has too much controversy around them. That wouldn't matter anyways. Utah doesn't even have to try. Utah wins 48-7

#18 Oklahoma State at Iowa State - Iowa State is 5-3 and I think they will put up a good fight but Oklahoma State pulls it out. Oklahoma State should be on upset alert though. Oklahoma State wins in a close one. 31-30.

#19 Notre Dame IDLE - Notre Dame can sit back and just watch the comptetion and hope they make BCS

#20 Oklahoma at Nebraska - Oklahoma goes down. Nebraska and Bo Pelini take out Bob Stoops and the Sooners. Nebraska wins on a last second field goal though. 30-28

#21 Arizona vs Washinton State - Washington State is horrible. Arizona wins easily. Arizona 38-9

#22Virginia Tech at East Carolina - Virginia Tech wants revenge on East Carolina from last year, and they get it. The Hokies and Ryan Williams win big. Tech 38-6

#23 California vs Oregon State - Oregon State has played well and I think well enought to pull the upset. Javid Best has a good game but not good enough. Oregon State wins 27-17

#24 Wisconsin at Indiana - Wisconsin doesn't let Indiana hang around like Iowa did. They win, but closer than the experts think. Wisconsin 31-17

#25 BYU at Wyoming - Max Hall keeps BYU from getting upset but it is not even close. BYU wins 45-7
Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:26 am

College Football Fans

I am a loyal Ohio State fan but sometimes I get annoyed with Tressel, Pryor, and the play calling. But something I can get really annoyed with is fans. They get so eager to post something that makes no sense or something just to stir up some other fans. Right now all I see on the college football board is Ohio State is going to beat Iowa, Boise State is a fake, Oregon should play for the National Championship, Cincinnati is great, Tebow Tebow Tebow, and Rich Rod should be fired. Now I am going to talk about all of them in order I said them.

Ohio State is going to beat Iowa should not even be on the board yet. They still have to play Penn State next week. Also, remember how we lost to Purdue? That could easily happen agaisnt Iowa. Don't get too excited yet because the season isn't over yet. Things could still happen. For all we know, Pryor and Bauserman could both get injured next week and we would have to play a guy who is redshirting this year. I am not saying don't be passionate, I am saying don't look ahead of next week against Penn State.

Boise is a fake is a false statement. They beat Oregon. I will give Oregon some slack that it was the first game for a new head coach and they have changed ever since that game. Yes Boise has not played the best schedule, actually it is quite horrible. Oregon is the only team that is actually good that they played and they beat them. They are undefeated right now and any team that is undefeated should still be considered a very good football team.

Oregon fans, you lost to Boise and that hurt you. Luckly the voters have seen your team get red hot and play the best football of any team in the country right now. Unfortunatly that loss in my opinion will hurt you. I don't see Florida, Texas, Iowa, Cincinnati, or Alabama losing to put you in place to play for it. It doens't matter if you are playing the best if you still have that loss it will cost you. You still have hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it is closing quick.

Cincinnati, be realistic. You really haven't play a really good football team yet and I think if you would play Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Alabama, or Oregon, you would lose by double digits. If Tony Pike's injury continues to linger it could cost you a game and possibly a chance at the BCS National Championship game or even a BCS birth. Your backup is good but he is still no Tony Pike and he is the guy you need to be successful.

I hate Tebow. I will be honest. I think he is good QB but not the "Greatest College Football Player Ever." He is not playing well this year but somehow they are still undefeated. There team was better last year with Percy Harvin then they are this year. Tebow may have records and a Heisman but I still think that Heisman should have went to Darren McFadden.

To Michigan fans, your team sucks. Rich Rod ruined your history in a matter of a year and a half. You are on your way to possibly not making a bowl game again for the first time in 50 years. The problem is, you owe him too much money. You paid West Virginia 4 million dollars for this guy? That has to be the worst 4 million dollars they ever spent. You guys could have had Greg Schiano would probably would have gotten you better results. Just remember, Jim Tressel has only lost to you once.

Posted on: October 24, 2009 3:21 pm

BCS Preview(Midway point)

So we are about midway through the season so it is probably about time i update my preseason picks. Lets start off with the Rose Bowl:

Rose Bowl:
USC vs Iowa
USC is a good team, but worthy of Rose Bowl? Probably not but I dont see anyone else beating them unless of an upset. USC is starting to improve so they will probably make the Rose Bowl. Iowa on the other hand is a guess. The Big 10 is so messed up right now that everyone but Illinois still has a chance to win the Big 10. Iowa is undefeated so that is why I chose them even though I think they will lose atleast one game.

Sugar Bowl:
Florida vs Boise State
Yes all Florida fans. You are not in the BCS game. Alabama will beat you. Your team does not look that good and Alabama does. Tim Tebow has not played well at all this year. Now Boise is a team that SHOULD go undefeated but will they? I don't know. If they do they will make a BCS game. Boise is good but wouldn't last in any good divison.

Fiesta Bowl:
Penn State vs Virginia Tech
My two at-large teams and they are good ones. Penn State will only lose one more game at most and Virginia Tech is a good team. I would really like to see these two teams play in the fiesta bowl. This would be a heck of a game.

Orange Bowl:
Miami (FL) vs Cincinnati
This could be the best matchup in all of the games. The teams are fairly even. The only difference is Cincinnati has more expierence and has been to a BCS bowl. I look for Tony Pike to come back and play well. I also look for Jacory Harris to lead his team to the Orange Bowl.

BCS National Championship:
Alabama vs Texas
The two best teams in my opinion. Alabama has been the most dominant team in the nation and no one is going to stop Texas in the Big 12. Look for these two teams to meet come January.
Posted on: September 3, 2009 6:51 pm

2009-2010 BCS game preview

This year many people think they know who will be in the BCS National Championship game. Well I am going to predict the other 4 BCS games this season. First, the Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss vs Boise State

I believe this is the year for Ole Miss. They have all the pieces they need to be a very good team. I think they will beat Alabama and go into the SEC title game with one loss. Boise will make the Sugar bowl and try for a second time to upset a top team in a BCS game. 
Final Result: Ole Miss wins

Orange Bowl: Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech

REMATCH! Let's be honest, the Big East is horrible. Someone has to win it though and I believe the Bearcats will emerge the winner but it won't be pretty. They will probably have 2, 3, or possibly 4 loses. Virginia Tech on the other hand should have a very good season and go through the ACC without a blemish.
Final Result: Virgina Tech wins easily

Fiesta Bowl: Penn State vs Oklahoma

To all the sad Oklahoma fans, I think it will happen to you this year. Texas will beat you and this time they will get what they deserve. Oklahoma will still have a good season and I think Texas will be their only loss. Now Penn State, you only have one hard game and I think you will lose it. It doesn't help your image must but with you only losing to Ohio State, that puts you at 11-1 and with that record, you make the fiesta bowl.
Final Result: Oklahoma wins

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs USC

First, I think Ohio State will win the game vs USC and beat Penn State BUT...... I think the Buckeyes will slip up in the season if it is to Illinois, Iowa, or someone else. They could possibly go undefeated but get shut out of the title game because of two other teams. Next USC, I think they will be 11-1 or 10-2 going into this game with loses to Ohio State and either Cal or Oregon because USC always has trouble playing in the state of Oregon. Pete Carroll could be playing musical quarterbacks for some of the season so that will be a challenge.  
Final Result: Ohio State wins

BCS National Championship: Florida vs Texas

How it should have been last year. Colt McCoy and the Longhorns don't get ripped off like they were last year. They go undefeated this year and they make it to the big game. Florida, What to say? They are the most dominating team in the SEC. Tebow is a fullback who can throw, so that makes him a double threat. Florida goes undefeated through the SEC.
Final Result................ Texas wins

Bonus! Heisman Pick!
1. Colt McCoy
2. Javid Best
3.Tim Tebow
4. Sam Bradford
5. Julio Jones
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